December 05, 2019  
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Complimentary Session from our Webinar Series

Learning Edge
LearningEdge for Managers: Implement what you Learn

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From our first day of school until our last day of high school or college, we learned and mastered subjects with many short sessions/classes. This is how we learn best!!

NOW -- using modern communication options -- you can again learn as you learn best – sequentially! Experience the future now!
• Convenient – from your home or office
• Cost effective – no travel time and hassle
• Maximize learning and implementation

Enroll today in a complimentary session from our Webinar Series presented by Dairy Strategies Senior Consultant and Cornell University Professor Emeritus Dr. Bob Milligan.  Email Bob with questions at or call 651 647-0495

Instruction Comments
Duration 30-40 minute Webinar. Available for questions, discussion and/or additional demonstrations immediately upon completion.
Price/Cost None, other than the cost of an ordinary phone call to a US phone number
Instructions Detailed calling and internet connection instructions will be sent to all registered participants upon enrollment.
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Enrollment will be limited to facilitate discussion.
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